Charles “Buster” Davis gives most of the credit for his barbeque and baking flavors to his family originating in Shreveport, Louisiana. From great-grandpa Jameson, who was a cook on a “free” southern plantation, to his mother, Leola, who taught Buster how to cook informally at a very young age. Gifted with sensitive taste buds, Miss Leola can taste the flavor difference in spice harvests the way a wine lover tastes the difference from one year to the next. Buster aspires to satisfy his own inner voice of “would mom approve?”

As a young teenager, Buster’s Uncle Bob taught them cooking, specializing in southern dishes and barbeque. This is where he learned about cooking Louisiana style cuisine. Buster’s sister, Bernice, along with mother Leola, created the original recipes for our sauces, coleslaw, potato and macaroni salad, as well as our delicious bakery items.

After years of successfully developing his barbeque style (and following!) in the Ventura/Oxnard area of Southern California, Buster found a new home up north in Calistoga, where he fills the streets with the whispering aroma of authentic Louisiana barbeque. His love for Calistoga is mutual, and Buster’s Southern Barbeque is a staple in the little tight-knit community.

Buster’s Southern Barbeque seeks out the highest quality meat to ensure the best taste and nutrition for ours fans… including Miss Leola. We hope mom approves.

Come enjoy our gazebo, outdoor picnic tables or indoor dining with air conditioning.
Family flavors, Calistoga fun.